Dragon Flyers

Support Team

Head Coach  and

Director                                Linda O'Leary


Senior Club Coach            Kerry Nicholas


Coaches                               Steve Grubb

                                             Julie Morton


Assistant to Coaches      Anya Johnston                                        

                                            Jacqui Denton

                                           Sophie Smith

                                            Libby Morton


DMT coaches                      Linda O'Leary

                                              Julie Morton                    


Club Secretary                    Kerry Nicholas                


Club Treasurer                    Julie Morton

and Drector


Qualified Judges              Julie Morton

                                             Jacqui Denton  

                                            Gemma Johnston                                                                                                                                                                                            

                                             Linda O'Leary

                                            Libby Morton

                                            Lucy Hijmans



Welfare Officer                    Steve Grubb -  

and Director                                            


First Aiders                         Linda O'Leary

                                             Kerry Nicholas

                                             Steve Grubb

                                             Julie Morton

DF logo BG-GymMark

Sports Therapist                 Kerry Nicholas


Special Needs Coaches       Kerry Nicholas and Linda O'Leary


Parent Liaison                     Tracey Cleall - [email protected] -                    elected 4/11/14, first line of communication for any questions, concerns or complaints



Website Manager                Jacqui Denton



Voluntary Support


When entering BG and BSGA organised competition, every club is obliged to provide its fair share of the voluntary support, including marshalls and qualified judges. Contestants must also be supported by the attendance of a suitably qualified coach.


We welcome support from as many parents and older members as possible to reduce the load on individuals and boost the quality of our Club. The Club maintains a budget to provide the necessary training for judges and coaches.


If you would like to help and extend your knowledge of the sport  please let us know.

Last Updated 17 November 2020