Dragon Flyers

Club Codes of Practice and Rules

To operate safely and effectively, The Dragon Flyers Trampolining Club have devised  their Code of Practice to closely follow guidance provided by British Gymnastics.


This does mean members have to abide by a few essential but easy to follow rules,  and there are two simple codes of conduct for members and parents/guardians, which we encourage everyone to remind themselves of from time to time.


There is also a list of 'dos and don'ts' you need to remember for club competitions.


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Last Updated 29 August 2020

Club rules - Reviewed March 16

1. All members must be BG registered and paid the yearly club fee.

2. All performers must attend training in suitable attire. (Leotards must be worn during all sessions) tracksuit and trainers.

3. Hair must be securely tied up

4. No jewellery

5. Mobile phones must be switched off during all sessions

6. Performers must inform coach of any physical or mental issues prior to getting on the trampoline

7. No food to be eaten in the hall

8. Performers must stand at designated trampolines and spot

9. Performers must encourage and support all team members and have a positive mental attitude at all times

  • Competition entry forms will be issued to those competitors selected by the coaches at least 2 weeks in advance of the closing date where possible.

  • The Coaches will decide who is suitable for Selection at each competition and they will enter the competitors into the category that is best suited to their current training and development programme.

  • The fee charged to attend each competition may vary and the cost will be calculated by the committee. All competition fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable. They must be paid promptly prior to the closing date. Any late entries will not be accepted.

  • Any decisions regarding Selection, Competitor Category and fees applied are the decision of the coaches and the committee. These will have been looked at carefully and decided well in advance of being handed out to the parents. We ask that these decisions be respected by the parents.

  • The parents have the choice whether or not their child participates in a competition for which they are selected. But if you choose to enter your child you are agreeing to abide by the coaches/committee decisions.

  • As a competitive club, all members are expected to compete. Regular non-attendance at competitions will result in members being moved back to recreational classes.

  • If you are unable to attend a competition after you have entered, you must inform a coach that you will not be attending at least 24 hours prior to the coach travelling to the competition. Any fees paid will be non-refundable.

  • If after having entered a competition the coach believes it would be unsafe to compete due to reasons such as illness, injury, lack of attendance prior to the competition or lack of commitment on behalf of the competitor the coach reserves the right to withdraw the competitor from the competition with no refund of fees. The coaches’ decision is final.

  • Parents/guardians are responsible for their child's travel arrangements, safety and wellbeing.

  • You must arrive at competition venue at least one hour before due to compete.

  • Parents/guardians are responsible for their child's supervision and welfare at all times, excluding actual performance, where parents are required by BG to remain in designated spectator areas, usually behind benches.

  • Parents/guardians must remain in the competition venue with their children until their child’s competition is complete at which time the parents can take their children home once the coach has agreed they have finished their competition.

  • If another parent is taking your child to competition or is responsible for your child at the competition then they are deemed to have taken on the role of Loco-Parentis. If there are any issues or incidents with any of the children they have responsibility for that results in leaving the venue for any reason, then they must take all of the children in their care out. Even if that means withdrawing some from competition. No child can remain in the venue without parental care even if it Loco-Parentis.

  • Only competitors and coaches are allowed in competition area i.e. near trampolines.

  • Coaching should be left to the coaches. The coaches' decision is final.

  • No competitor is allowed to commence their bed warm-up until instructed to do so by a Dragon Flyers Coach. No Warm-up should commence prior to the submission of a valid tariff sheet to the panel of judges. Contravention of this may result in competitor disqualification.

  • Parents should not approach competition officials or any other clubs coaches directly with any problems or issues. These should be directed to Dragon Flyers officials or coaches only. If an issue remains then it should be directed to the Parent Liaison or the Clubs Welfare Officer for Dragon Flyers Trampoline club.

  • No flash photography is allowed at competitions. All cameras must be signed in prior to use.

  • Leotards must be worn, as required in BG rules. The decision as to which leotard is to be worn at each competition will be decided by the coaches’. This decision will be final.

  • Long hair should be tied up securely and glitter must not be worn in hair.

  • White socks (not higher than ankle length) must be worn when competing.

  • Please refrain from giving your children food, immediately prior to and during competing.

  • All members must stay in competition area, once they have started competing.

  • The club is required to provide one helper for every 3 children by BG in order to compete. These helpers will come from parental volunteers.

  • Judges are required for every competition. Anybody interested in attending a judging course, please speak to Julie.



Club rules at competitions - Reviewed June 2016

Code of conduct members

Code of conduct parents

Complaints policy

Data protection policy

• Encourage your child to learn the rules and participate within them

• Discourage challenging / arguing with officials

• Publicly accept officials' judgements

• Help your child to recognise good performance, not just results

• Set a good example  by recognising good sportsmanship and applauding the good performances of all

• Never force your child to take part in sport

• Always ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the activity and has plenty to drink

• Keep the club informed if your child is ill or unable to attend sessions

• Endeavour to establish good communications with the club, coaches and officials for the benefit of all

• Share any concerns or complaints about any aspect of the club through the approved channels

• Use correct and proper language at all times

• Never punish or belittle a child for poor performance or making mistakes

• Always collect your child promptly at the end of a session

• Support your child's involvement and help them to enjoy their sport

We are fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all our members. The club believes it is important that members, coaches, administrators and parents associated with the club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others. Therefore, members are encouraged to be open at all times and share any concerns or complaints that they may have about any aspect of the club with the Welfare Officer.

As a member of Dragon Flyers Trampolining Club you are expected to abide by the following club rules:

• All members must participate within the rules and respect coaches, judges and their decisions

• All members must respect opponents and fellow club members

• Members should keep to agreed timings for training and competitions or inform their coach, or if they are going to be late

• Members must wear suitable attire for training and events as agreed with the coach. Keep all long hair tied back. Remove all body jewellery

• Members must pay any fees for training or events promptly

• Members must not smoke, consume alcohol or take drugs of any kind whilst representing the club at competitions or other events

• Members should treat all equipment with respect

• Members must inform the head coach of any injuries or illness they may have before the warm-up begins

• Members should not eat or chew gum during a session

• Members must not use bad language

• Members should remain with coaches at the end of a session until collected by their parent or guardian

At the Dragon Flyers Trampolining Club we aim to serve the community by providing high quality, affordable services and facilities.


We recognise that occasionally there may be concerns by customers about the services & facilities that we provide; and we hope that through the good relationship that we have our members, any concerns will be expressed, discussed and a solution agreed.  However, if a verbal compromise can not be found then the following procedure will apply:

What can you do if you have a complaint?

You can:

 speak to the person who has been dealing with you;

 ask to speak to the Head Coach or Welfare Officer;

 or if you have a complaint regarding the Head Coach then please ask for your complaint to be referred to the Dragon Flyers Committee.

What kind of things can you complain to us about?

Examples include where you think we have:

 been rude or offensive;

 failed to deliver a course content which meets reasonable expectations; or

 the facilities have not been to the level of satisfaction you require.

What can you do if you do not want to speak to us?

You do not have to speak to anyone if you don't want to - you can write by:

 Letter to: DragonFlyers Committee c/o Arena Sports Centre, Westloats Lane, Bognor Regis, West Sussex PO21 5JD

How long will it take?

We will acknowledge all complaints within five working days. The relevant person will aim to email or write to you about your complaint within a maximum 15 working days of receiving it. If, for some special reason, he or she cannot reply within that time, he or she will let you know and explain why.

What can you do if you think our decision on your complaint was not satisfactorily resolved?

If the matter or concern is not sorted out to the members satisfaction, the member should write to the ‘Dragon Flyers Trampolining Club Committee’ c/o Arena Sports Centre, Westloats Lane, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO21 5JD who will review & assess the decision / response.  Any decision decided by the committee will be final.  

1 The Use of Photographs and other Data on the Website

1.1 When placing photographs on the website we will only consider imagery that we deem to be entirely appropriate and will ensure that no other information about any child member or adult is exposed or linked to any photographs on the public pages (with a few defined exceptions).

1.2 One exception to the above will be the naming of club officials and support team on public pages, where first and last names may be presented with a photograph as useful information for members and potential joiners. Any other exceptions would require specific consent by the subject or parent.

2 Reports to Local Newspapers and Schools

2.1 We like to celebrate any competition successes by generating a short write-up for the local newspapers, supported where possible by photographs. These articles would typically be directed to the Chichester and Bognor Observer. The draft article provided by DFTC could be edited by the Newspaper, so we cannot guarantee the exact text in the report but significant changes to our submission are unlikely. A further re-edited version might appear in other associated local free publications, such as the Bognor Regis View. Information provided by DFTC in the articles would remain within the bounds of that listed at paragraph 1.2 above. However, parents/guardians and members should be aware that articles printed by the Observer often appear soon afterwards on their own Website, which is accessible world-wide. (Once published in Newspapers the information is regarded as in the Public Domain)

2.2 Material (photos, text or both) might also be provided to local schools where the Club feels achievement should be highlighted, particularly - but not exclusively, in association with national and local schools competitions. It is assumed that all the local schools operate with a strict child protection policy and in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Typically, schools routinely obtain parental consent to use material about their pupils, but the limits to their own use of data may be wider than that self-imposed by DFTC.

3 The Data Protection Act

3.1 The Club is permitted under the Data Protection Act to carryout limited ‘core’ data processing of members’ personal details and that of the parents and Guardians, simply in order to administer the club. This would include the holding of and internal use of; Names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, members’ ages and dates of birth and BG membership numbers. This core data processing excludes transmission of such information outside of the Club’s administration, except for essential processes such as, but not limited to, registering for competitions, BG membership and insurance purposes.

3.2 The UK’s Data Protection Act mandates that the use of personal data (stored on computer or collated in organised files) is limited to that which is ‘reasonable and fair’. At annual membership subscription, parents/Guardians are automatically consenting to this essential core data processing and the Dragon Flyers Trampolining Club are obliged to protect and use that data fairly. As photographs are classed as personal data, within the definitions of the Data Protection Act, it is important that they are handled properly too. We do not consider imagery to be part of the essential core data needed by the club. Consequently we need parental consent if we want to use (or even store) such information, or any other data, beyond our core administrative activities.

4 Consent to Use Members’ Personal Data on the Website and Other Publications

4.1 In order to ensure we only publish data (principally pictures), about Dragon Flyers Club members and relatives with their consent, all club members and/or their parents/guardians should complete a consent declaration. However the DFTC does not regard the consent form as binding members or parents in any way.  If after giving consent, a member or parent/guardian later decides that they no longer want information or pictures to be posted on the DFTC Website, used by local press or even displayed on the notice board at the Arena, they should let us know and we shall, as soon as is reasonably practical, remove material from the website, halt inclusion of that material in any of our subsequent releases to the local press and remove material from the notice board, as appropriate.

4.2 If a parent wishes to withdraw consent to Newspaper publication (including exposure on the newspaper’s website) and, at the time of informing us of this, there is a relevant article in the hands of the Newspapers but not yet published, we will endeavour to contact the press with a modified article requesting them to respect the members/parents /guardians wishes. However, DFTC do not expect newspapers to remove already published material posted on their website, nor do we undertake to make such a request on behalf of members.

4.3 The default assumption for members who have not submitted a signed consent form, which positively agrees to the use of data beyond core requirements, is ‘No Consent’ is to pictures to be taken by DFTC officials and helpers specifically for the club or by anyone acting specifically on behalf of the club, [This does not affect a parent’s or relatives’ right to capture imagery for personal use during competitions and social events. However, there may be additional constraints imposed competition organisers for control of any photography], o publication of images or personal data beyond core requirements, no release of email address details to other members or to persons outside the club except where it is part of core processing. Under these conditions DFTC will be unable to include photographs of the relevant member on any of our website pages, or submit articles to news papers which identify the individual.

4.4 Consent for the club’s use of data agrees to all aspects of image capture and publication on the Arena noticeboard, in the local paper, shared with local schools (relevant to the individual) and on the club website.

4.5 Any personal data collected is to only be used in accordance with the consent in place at that time, and therefore in accordance with our policy in place at the time of that consent.

4.6 If the club’s written policy is changed such that desired use of member’s and guardians personal data is not entirely compatible with earlier consent, then we shall not use the data for such purposes without revised consent being obtained. This revised consent should clearly identify whether it applies to previously collected data or to just the data subsequently gathered.

5 Consent for Children Aged 16 Years and Older

5.1 In accordance with guidance from the ICO, it is our policy that youngsters at, or above the age of 16 years old, can be considered mature enough to decide for themselves whether they are content to have information about them published on the internet or in newspapers,

6 Choosing Material for Publication on the Website or in Newspapers

6.1 The website is primarily for the members and their relatives so DFTC want the members to be happy with their website. If there is any specific material on the website which a member is unhappy with, they should raise it with the Website Manager or a coach and a solution to any concerns will be sought.

6.2 DFTC reserve the right to decide what material (text and pictures) shall be put forward by them for possible publication in newspapers. We will endeavour to be accurate and fair, aiming to emphasise the positive news.  Before offering material to the press, the text is vetted for accuracy by the Club Coach or other appropriate person, but we expect the material to be edited by the newspapers and therefore cannot guarantee that the written article offered by the club will convey the message intended when it is finally published.


NB A Coaches duty of care starts when a child is handed over to them at the time of their lesson and finishes at the end of the child's session time.  It is the parent's responsibility to drop their child at The Regis School gym doors at the start of their session and collect from there at the end of their child's session.  Any parent opting to drop or collect from elsewhere is doing so at their own risk.  The club's duty of care ceases the second the child walks out of the gym door and parent responsibilty starts.


Communications policy

If any members or parents have any problems of any kind, they must contact one of the committee members directly. They will either then sort out your problem or pass it onto the relevant person for a solution.


During coaching sessions parents must understand that the coaches are there to work with children on the trampolines and it is not safe not to discuss problems at this time.


Parents must also remember that matters outside club sessions. i.e. competition matters, should also only be directed through a committee member, who can then channel your questions to the relevant people and obtain responses for you.


During competitions or whilst travelling with the club if any problems or issues arise that are not urgent, these should then be directed through a member of the committee on your return.  If the problem is serious and needs to be dealt with immediately, this should then be directed to a member of the committee or coaching team present at the time.  At no time should any parent approach any member of other club or the organisers of the competition unless asked to do so.


Please could members remember that when at competitions you are representing our club and we expect you to act in a responsible way at all times.


If this policy is disregarded or ignored, the committee and coaching team reserve the right to decide not to take children to competition in the future or they may be asked to leave the club.


Dragonflyers Trampoline Club privacy notice – members and volunteers

Dragonflyers Trampoline Club is the data controller and is committed to complying with our legal responsibilities under data protection law. We take your privacy seriously and will ensure your personal information is kept secure.

When we collect, use, share, retain or do anything else with your personal information (known collectively as ‘processing’) we are regulated under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and are responsible as ‘controller’ of your information.

This notice applies to you if you are:

  An existing or prospective member of our club;

  A person with parental responsibility for a member;  

  An existing or prospective club volunteer or official; and  

It is important that you read this carefully as it contains key information about how we use your personal data and your associated rights.

About us

Dragonflyers Trampoline Club is a ‘not for profit’ membership organisation. Our members are gymnasts or the parents (if the gymnast is a child). We provide the opportunity for our members to participate in our activities, which include recreational classes, training, competitions and other similar gymnastics activities].

We register with British Gymnastics who governs the sport, provides insurance for clubs and individual members and offers competitions and events. It is a condition with British Gymnastics club registration that all our club members also register as individual members of British Gymnastics.  

We also affiliate to the Southern Region who runs competitions and events in which we may participate.

Information we collect about you

The categories of personal information we process includes:

Contact details* (gymnast or parent and emergency contacts)

Gymnast date of birth*

Gymnast gender

Any relevant medical conditions and/or disabilities and additional related information

Other relevant individual needs for example, information about learning, religious or other support needs.

We collect this information through new member forms issued by Dragonflyers Trampoline Club and from the information you provide to British Gymnastics when joining or renewing your British Gymnastics membership.

Any individual risk assessments (gymnasts and others if applicable)

Details of any reasonable adjustments or steps taken to support your individual needs

British Gymnastics membership details* (which are confirmed by British Gymnastics when you join or renew)

Gymnast attendance and achievement records

Any communications from, to or relating to you

Details relating to standards of conduct

Any accident or incident reports including details of injuries

Experience, qualifications, training and confirmation that you have completed a criminal record check (prospective or existing volunteers).

Consent to use photos/videos for any marketing/promotional material, newspaper reports and for the clubs website

Consent to use photos/videos on the Dragonflyers Trampoline Club closed Facebook group and that the Facebook group is a source of club information when needing to provide information to members


The information marked with an * above is essential for us to provide your membership. It is your choice whether you provide all the information we have requested but not providing information may affect our ability to meet you or your child’s needs and to protect their well-being.

If you are a competitive gymnast, we record other information about you to support your training and participation in competition such as:

Training and technical information

Lifestyle information  

Nationality (if you are competing at international level)


If you attend an event or trip with the club, we will also collect the following information where relevant:

Dietary requirements and any other relevant information that we need to know to ensure your needs are met; and

Passport information if the trip is abroad.

Loco Parentis consent for children travelling without a parent/guardian.

Our purposes for processing information about you

We use the information we hold about you for a variety of purposes which are outlined below. Data protection law requires us to tell you what our legal reason is for each purpose.


Contractual purposes

When you ask us to provide you a service, such as gymnastics classes, competitions, trips or other activities we usually need to use information about you to provide this service, for example:

  To contact you to confirm arrangements;

  To tell you when it is time to renew membership or re-register for activities

  To send invoices for term fees

  To send information about upcoming competitions and entry details

  To notify to any changes that may occur

We do so because it is necessary for the performance of a contract.


Legal obligations

We have a duty of care to ensure it is safe for you or your child to take part in gymnastics activity and to keep you/them safe while participating. Some individuals may be at risk of harm from participating in gymnastics activity as a result of a pre-existing condition. It is vital that you let us know if there is any reason why taking part in gymnastic activity may be unsafe prior to participation. With your agreement, we will review any information you provide and undertake risk assessments in consultation with yourself and any appropriate trained professionals e.g. medical consultants. When we ask participants to provide relevant health information such as details of medical conditions, medication needs, allergies or injuries, this is because we have a legal obligation.

When you tell us about any special needs such as disabilities or other support information we may use relevant information to comply with our legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010. We will review any information you have provided to help us identify any actions we can take to support inclusion. We may need to ask you for more information to help us to best meet your or your child’s needs. We will keep a record of any steps we take to support inclusion.

If you are wishing to volunteer or work for us, we may need to ask you to complete a criminal record check as we have a legal obligation to do so. We jointly control the checking process with British Gymnastics who is responsible for the assessment of any content on the check and will only share information with us where it is appropriate. For example, if you are considered by British Gymnastics to be unsuitable to take on the role, we may share relevant and proportionate information about criminal offences where it is deemed that while you are not considered unsuitable to take on the role, if it is considered necessary for safeguarding purposes.

When we retain information about you, even after you are no longer taking part in gymnastics activity, this is often because we are required to do so by law such as records we are required to keep for business and accounting purposes. Sometimes we are also legally obliged to share information about you with third parties. More information it provided below.


Legitimate interests

We rely on legitimate interests for the following purposes:

Responding to communications, concerns or complaints and seeking feedback from you about our services.

We will use the information you provide to respond to any comments or questions you raise and where appropriate to undertake investigations into any complaints or concerns. On occasion, we may contact you to seek your views on the services we provide.


Holding emergency contact information

When you join the club, we collect contact details. We also ask you to provide an emergency contact which we will only use in exceptional circumstances if we are unable to contact your primary contact e.g. a parent.


Maintaining attendance registers, achievement records and waiting lists

For health and safety purposes and club records, we need to maintain a register of those in attendance at training or other club activities.

We use the British Gymnastics Trampoline Proficiency awards in some of our classes and will keep records of gymnasts progress using achievement records and to be able to provide badges and certificates when applicable.

If there are no places in the club, we can place you on our waiting list and will contact you using the details you provide to inform you when a place is available.

Entering you into a competition and providing results

If you wish to take part in a club competition, your information (usually your name, date of birth and gender) will be used to enter you into the appropriate category and your score will be recorded. Results of competitions may be shared on the clubs Closed Facebook group and/or website.


If you wish to enter a competition organised by another gymnastics body, including British Gymnastics and the Trampoline League we will provide your information to the organiser to enable you to take part in the competition or event that they are organising. These results will be published on their own website and may also be included on our website/shared on the clubs closed Facebook group. Results may also be included in a newspaper report for local papers – Chichester/Bognor Regis Observer, Bognor Regis Post.


Collecting additional information to support a participant attending a club trip

Occasionally we organise residential events or trips. If you or your child registers for one of these events, we will need to collect additional information, that may vary dependent on the specific activities and whether they involve meals and travel. Additional information we require may include passport information and any other relevant information necessary to provide support whilst away from home.

Monitoring performance and undertaking fitness assessments

If you or your child are/is a competitive gymnast, we will need to collect additional information about you/them. We track and monitor gymnast’s performance in training, trials and competition and undertake regular fitness assessments. We may require additional information about lifestyle and education if you or your child are/is training at an elite level and requires time out of school or lifestyle.


To monitor that you have completed any required safeguarding training and criminal record checks

If you undertake a role where a criminal record check and safeguarding training are required, we will receive confirmation from British Gymnastics if your check is approved and that you have completed the required safeguarding training.


Filming for coaching purposes

On occasion, we may film gymnasts e.g. during a gymnastics session for coaching purposes. Videos taken at training sessions for individual coaching purposes will not be used for any other purpose without prior consent.


Photography and filming to promote the club/during training sessions

We may also take photos/videos during club events, for example, annual club competition, fundraising events. These may be used promote the club on our website, for marketing material such as being used on the clubs noticeboard at the Arena Sports Centre and posters. Any images of children will be published in line with our safeguarding policy.

At or following competitions we may take photos to be used for a newspaper report for local newspapers – Chichester/Bognor Regis Observer, The Bognor Regis Post. These photos and the report may also be published on the newspapers website. Once the report/photo is sent to the publication the Club has no control over the editing by the newspaper.

We may also take photos/videos during training sessions which will be shared on the clubs closed Facebook group. This allows us to be able to share achievements/progress made by gymnasts during training and also fundraising events etc... which happened during these sessions.

Let us know if you do not wish to be filmed or photographed or do not want your image to be published. While we can usually take steps to prevent you from being photographed or filmed at small club events, please bear in mind that at our large public events, it may be difficult to avoid capturing you in footage. However, we always review all photographs prior to publication and we will ensure any images of you are deleted.

If we are filming or taking photos for any other purpose, we will ask for your consent.

Running and monitoring our club social media

The club had a closed Facebook group ‘Dragons Flyers Trampolining Club Official Page' which members are encouraged to join as this is usually the first source of sharing club information and news. This is a private group which members must request to join. Only members of the club (gymnasts and/or their parents), coaches and committee members are granted access to join. The only people able to grant access are club coaches, and two parents (one who created the group and the other a member of the fundraising committee).

Once a member leaves the club they are removed from the Facebook group. Whilst they will no longer be able to access any group information any photos/videos including them will remain in the group unless a request is made for them to be removed.



The training venue which we use, The Regis School Gym, has CCTV. Dragonflyers Trampoline Club has no control over this CCTV and no access to it. However on certain occasions it may be possible to request a copy if needed. The Regis School Privacy policy can be found on their website www.theregisschool.co.uk


We have carried out a legitimate interest assessment (LIA) to ensure that the above processing is necessary and is carried out in a way that ensures a balance between the club’s interests and your individual interests, rights and freedoms with appropriate safeguards, especially to protect the interest of data subjects who are children. We can provide details of these assessments on request.

You have a right to object to the use of your information for any purposes we undertake based on legitimate interests. Further information is provided in the section below.


When you have given us your consent for your personal information to be used for a particular purpose, you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time, which you may do by contacting us using the contact details below. If you provided (any) consent(s) for a specific purpose as part of the information you provided on our behalf through the British Gymnastics membership platform, this (these) consents can be withdrawn at any time by logging into your British Gymnastics account.  Your withdrawal of consent will not affect any use of the data that was made before you withdrew your consent.


Special categories of personal data

Special categories of personal data are a category of information that is more sensitive and requires greater protection. Some of the information we process falls into this category (e.g. health/medical data or any information you provide to us about a disability or your religion, race or gender identity). It is unlawful for organisations to process this type of information unless an additional legal condition applies. We will only process this type of information if one of the following applies:

You have given your explicit consent or have made this information public;

We are required to do so to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim;

We are required to do so to comply with employment or social security or social protection law;

Legitimate activities of a ‘not for profit’ organisation;

There is a substantial public interest in doing so; or

It is in your vital interests and you are unable to provide consent e.g. if you are unconscious or do not have sufficient mental capacity

Why we share information about you

We have a legitimate interest in sharing your personal information with British Gymnastics to ensure the sport is safe and well-governed and where relevant to access support and advice.


We may also be required to share your personal information in the following reasons:

Complying with legal and/or regulatory responsibilities

We may be required to share information with bodies such as Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC), Health & Safety Executive (HSE), Police and Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). We may also share information with other organisations to safeguard children. Any information that is shared will be strictly limited to what is required to ensure children are protected from harm and will be carried out in accordance with the law and relevant government guidance.


Obtaining legal or professional advice

Obtaining a service from a third party

All service providers are contractually required to ensure your information is secure and cannot use this information for their own purposes. Where we are required to share information with them to provide the service, we only disclose information that is strictly necessary to deliver the service.

Except for the above, will only share your information with any other third parties with your prior agreement.

Transfers of data out of the EEA

We will not transfer or store your personal data outside the UK or the European Economic Area (EEA).

Individual rights

You have important rights under data protection law. In summary these include:

To be informed about how your information is processed (set out above)


To access any personal data held about you

You have the right to access the personal information we hold about you. You can log in to ‘My Account’ at any time to view/amend/delete the information we hold about you that has been collected by the British Gymnastics system. You can also request a copy of any other information we hold by writing to us using the contact details below.


To have your data rectified if it is inaccurate

If you think that any of the information we hold is inaccurate, you can ask that corrections are made. We will either make the requested amendments or provide an explanation as to why we are not making changes


To have your data deleted (except if there is a valid lawful reason to retain it)

If you do not renew your membership or cease to have a relationship with the club, we will delete any information you provided within two years except for any financial/accounting records which need to be retained for six years in line with UK tax law. Additional information that has been provided solely for the purpose of participating in a specific activity will be deleted after the event. We will remove any members from the clubs British Gymnastics account as soon as we are aware of the ceased relationship.


You have a right to request the deletion of your information in advance of the above retention periods. We will delete this information unless there is a lawful reason for the information to be retained.  


To have your information restricted or blocked from processing

If you object to processing, we will restrict the processing of your information for the purpose to which you are objecting whilst we review your objection.


To portability

If you wish to move to another club, you can transfer your information to another club registration by logging into ‘My Account’ on the British Gymnastics system.  Alternatively, if you wish to leave the club, the information you provided on behalf of our club will be archived on the British Gymnastics system for 60 days and will be deleted after this has lapsed. During this period, you can transfer your information to another club. This may be limited to your club membership  


To object to:

Any processing based on legitimate interests

The right to object is specific to the data subject’s particular situation. We will stop processing your personal data unless we can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for the processing, which override your individual interests, rights and freedoms or we need to continue to process your information in connection with a legal claim.



To exercise any of your rights or if you have any questions about our privacy notice please contact:

Julie Morton

[email protected]

Dragonflyers Trampoline Club, c/o The Regis School, Westloats Lane, Bognor Regis, PO21 5LH.

While we hope to be able to resolve any concerns you have about the way that we are processing your personal data, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) if you believe your data has been processed in a way that does not comply with the GDPR or have any wider concerns about our compliance with data protection law. You can do so by calling the ICO helpline on 0303 123 1113 or via their website.

Individual rights

We keep our privacy notices under regular review. This privacy notice was published on 20/11/19.

We may change this privacy notice from time to time, when we do we will inform you via the clubs Facebook group and club website.

Club operating procedures (Protocol) re COVID 19

Dragon Flyers will be implementing British Gymnastics and Government guidelines. We are also working within the Regis School Framework.


Please stay up to date with gov guidelines re the use of masks in buildings and any other relevant changes.  

Entry to the venue

Every child must arrive outside the venue with a parent for the exact start time of their lesson.  


They will line up 2 meters apart in a straight line on the left hand side 2 meters away from the door.


A Coach will then collect all children who will sanitise their hands on entry they will then be escorted down to the hall by the coach maintaining social distancing at all times.


No-one must access the venue without being escorted by a coach.


Exit from the venue Parents to stand to the right hand side of the doors 2 meters away from the doors and 2 meters apart.


All children will be brought out by a coach 5 minutes before the end of their normal session and will sanitise their hands on exit.


Its imperative you are there on time to collect your child.

Unfortunately regular lateness for collection may result in your child no longer being able to attend sessions as it puts other children and coaches at risk.  

Session instructions

To accommodate COVID measures all sessions will now only be 50 minutes long  Unless they are on a double session.


All participants must arrive in full kit because the changing rooms will be out of use.


Full kit consists of Leotard, Tracksuit, Tshirt, socks and trainers.


Hair must be securely tied up prior to attendance at the session. All participants will also need spare hairbands as these can no longer be provided or shared.


Kit bags are compulsory for every child and must be large enough to store all belongings.


Everything a participant brings with them to a session must be kept in their kit bag at all times including coats, trainers and mobile phones.


Participants must keep their kit bags with them in their groups at the assigned trampoline they will all be given a designated spot to sit.


All participants must have their own chalk and bands in a sealable container. They will no longer be able to share anything.


Participants will not be required to bring training diaries but will be expected to complete them at home. Coaches will all have a diary in which they will record any important session information for main squad participants.


Participants must bring enough water in a secure bottle to last them the whole of their session as there will be no access to drinking water.


Participants must bring their own hand gel as they will be required to gel their hands frequently throughout the session to prevent cross contamination.


Coaches will wear visors and have access to hand gel and cleaning materials.


All touch point cleaning will take place before and after each session.


Cleaning products are  all dettol and will be stored in a cupboard away from participants. Latex gloves are available for coaches use  


If anyone requires first aid Coaches will be required to don and doffe PPE.


Coaches will refrain from any physical contact with your child unless the child is at risk or they require first aid intervention.


Children, parents and coaches that experience any illness themselves or have been in contact with anyone who has been ill within 14 days of their session must inform Linda immediately on [email protected] Please follow gov advise  


Do not attend sessions if you have any illness no matter how mild.


If any child shows any symptoms of illness during a session the whole session will be shut down and all parents will be called to collect immediately. The symptomatic child will be isolated whilst waiting for collection.


Anyone who has a member of their household including themselves   that's travelled anywhere  that is required to self isolate must follow gov advise.  


Anyone who is experiencing covid symptoms or as been in contact with someone in this position must inform Linda immediately.  


Ensure thorough washing of hands with soap after using the toilet.


The only toilets to be used are those in the corridor adjacent to the gym. No more than 2 people will be allowed in those toilets at any one time.


Coaches and other participants will no longer be able to accompany younger participants to the toilet.


Only parents with children aged 6 and under will be able to enter the venue unless there is a valid reason that has been agreed with Linda prior to the session. Any parents entering the venue will be required to wear masks and follow required protocol.


Any child that feels vulnerable may wear a mask but must take it off to bounce.


A track and trace system will be in place, your personal data will be provided to the school, the NHS and any other authority that may require it for COVID measures.


Where possible there will be 4 participants to a bed plus a coach. This stays well within the COVID Guidelines.


Where possible the maximum participants in the venue at any one time will be 16.


Where possible each child will remain with the one coach throughout their session. This may result in our child having a different coach for some sessions.


Coaches will matt when possible if not possible then cleaning will take place after every participant.  


There will be an on off system applied to each trampoline.


The venue will be kept ventilated as much as possible.


There can be no raised voices, no singing and no load music in the venue.


Unfortunately there can be no individual videoing or photography, in exceptional circumstances if required coaches will video or photograph on their own devices where it will be displayed on the club facebook and then deleted off of their device.


Any child experiencing any difficulties or distress please feel free to talk to any of the coaches or contact Steve Grubb the welfare officer [email protected].


Working together to obtain a safe, happy, productive environment

10.Coaches' instructions must be adhered to

11.Coaches' must encourage all performers to reach maximum potential

12. A minimum requirement of 2 hours training per week.  Higher graded performers will be required to do additional hours as requested by their coach.

13. The coach to pupil ratio for all squad sessions is 1 to 8. Any additional coaches or volunteers brought in to assit i.e. in the run up to competition, is at the clubs discretion.

14. The head coach has the final say in all coaching decisions. This includes what is being taught and which coach each member is assigned towork with.

15. The head coach will decide on what days and times members are to attend their training sessions so that class sizes and coaches available can be taken into consideration. Anybody wishing to change their session time must speak to the head coach for agreement beforehand.

Above all there must be a safe, friendly, working environment